Importing: with over twenty years experience of importing recycled plastic materials, we offer a complete service collected from your factory or warehouse throughout Europe.

Exporting: ask for a quotation for complete truck or container loads of recycled plastic material delivered to your factory or chosen port of entry in Europe, the Middle and Far East.

Recycling: we offer a complete service to the industry, either purchasing your scrap or redundant plastic, alternatively collect, recycle and return your own scrap in regrind chip or reprocessed pellet.

Shredding: large heavy lump can easily be size reduced prior to granulation.

Purchasing: having established exceptionally good outlets throughout Europe, the Middle and Far East, we are well positioned to purchase virtually all types and grades of thermoplastic materials.

Supplying: whilst our contacts throughout the industry are vast, we are always seeking new clients with whom we can establish long term business relations.

Recompounding: Since early 1970's, we have been homogenising, filtering and compounding reground materials into pellet.

Granulating: we offer a granulation service of most polymers or the purchase of scrap for size reduction and recycling.

Washing/Drying: washing, cleaning and drying of many polymers, together with separation of some mixed polymer types.